Games to Watch – Kingdom Hearts: The Interstitial War

Rian Allan

Rian is a 30-something year old programmer, writer, and tabletop enthusiast from the icy confines of Canada. Send coffee.

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2 Responses

  1. Zeke says:

    Holy heck! Thank you so much for this glowing review!
    I play Alpha on the stream, and I’m having such a legitimately delightful time with this system and this story. It’s my first time trying out a PBTA system and I am super excited to play more of them.
    I hope you’ll tune in this friday for the Villain interlude while I’m zonked out on my couch recovering from dental surgery. 💗

    • Rian Allan says:

      Glad to provide it! The series has been amazing so far; I enjoyed going through the three episodes out so far and really love the take on the characters used. PbtA is such an amazing system and the focus on narrative in games using it has always be something I’ve super enjoyed – and seeing employed to tackle on a Kingdom Hearts game has been spectacular so far (I’d never heard of Interstitial prior to this).

      I’m hoping to have a chance to tune in so long as life doesn’t get too hectic. Really looking forward to it!

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